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Subjects & Verbs Correction by jmm1019 on 10-25-2007
Did you understand the lesson on subjects and verbs today?
I think so? The subject of a sentence is the unit about which something is said. It helps to ask who or what did something when locating the subject of a sentence.
Interesting. What is a verb?
Verbs usually express action or tell what the subject did. If I said Jessica ran or Jessica ran fast. The subject is Jessica and the verb is ran. Ran tells what Jessica did. Examples of verbs are: ran, drives, stands, came, sells, led, rattle, is, and was.
Lets look at the following sentence: Sales of the company's products increased significantly. The subject is Sales and the verb is increased. You try this sentence: The lake provides us with a beautiful view from our offices. What is the subject and verb of that sentence.
Lake is the subject and provides is the verb. I think I understand.
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