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Puppy Politics by GLJ_ComicCreator on 10-25-2007
Do you think that as the leader of this great country, the president would be willing to make a statement on the imporatance of grammar to communicative writing? Maybe he could even give the AMerican public a few guidlines on making words plural?
Um. Yeah, sure.
First of all, I think most people know that to make most words plural, you simply and a "s" to the end or the word.
Yes, I believe that most people are aware of that.
Here are some guidelines for exceptions to that rule: 1. Words that end in "-ch," "x," "s," or other "s" like sounds require an "-es" ending. 2. Also, latin words such as fungus need and "i" to make them plural. Fungus becomes fungi. 3. Be wary of irregular verbs which have their on plural forms. Ex. Man is men. 4. Some words are the same in plural form, deer is still deer.
I'll pass this information along to the President. Literacy and grammar are subjects that are near and dear to his heart.
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