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The Frost Report by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 10-09-2007
So there's this kid called Graeme Frost who got in a horrible car accident and would have died without the S-CHIP program of health insurance for children
Legislation pertaining to this program was just vetoed by the f#*king hateful apocalyptic spectre of death who is still the f#*king leader of the free world for some reason
And so of course the Free Republic, the Politico, the Notional Review and Michelle Malkin are now stalking this TWELVE YEAR OLD CHILD AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY
For the heinous crime of thinking that he and other sick children are entitled to basic medicine regardless of their family's income bracket
And these f#*kers' opinions are still given any regard whatsoever? What the f#*k is wrong with society that these people aren't horsewhipped?
Or at the very least NEVER TREATED AS "PUNDITS" EVER AGAIN, because they're clearly sick f#*ks who deserve a ritual kick in the nuts, or equivalent
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