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My New Swearing Technique Is Unstoppable by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 09-03-2007
So some f#*kers have said we're just a rip off of Get Your War On
f#*k THAT NOISE. We are nothing like Get Your War On in the f#*king slightest
Well, except that the art consists of clipart businessmen, and we swear an awful f#*king lot
And the fact that we f#*king hate George W. Bush. And I guess we look like David Rees' "characters" as well. In fact just make me shroter and change my hairstyle and we'd be the spitting image
But no in terms of our actual content we are nothing like Get Your War On so shut the f#*k up
When was the last time David Rees posted a three-part polemic about his water board? Or DC comics? Or existentialism? Eh? Eh? So nyerr.
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