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Surf Cops by radiognome on 08-23-2007
Okay i admit it, the city is much crazier than the country. But it's not all bad, you're to cynical, i think there is still a good element here. With a little elbow grease i think we can whip this place into shape.
Pfft. Bullsh#t! Every last Mother f#*ker in this place is f#*kin' crazy as sh#t. I hate them all. Just look around pick any random person.
Hey how are ya? Let me ask you a question. Would ya mind if i felt your balls a little. Huh? Come on just a litlle.
Get away from me you crazy bastard!
Jesus christ! Alright mabye everyone here is crazy. But you have to admit deep down you don't really hate them or you wouldn't be out here every night trying to help them when their in need.
Help them when their in need! What the f#*k do you think i am, a f#*king girl scout?! I'm out here every night because when one of these crazy mofo's gets out of line i can shoot their punk asses.
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