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Another Strip About Comics by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 08-21-2007
So it turns out that DC's latest Countdown is Counting Down to Final Crisis, because of course we haven't had enough of those recently
It's probably worthwhile to assume that this is "Final" in the sense that Jason Goes to Hell was the Final Friday. Or Part VI: The Final Chapter for that matter.
It's all very Jack Kirby so far, what with the Fourth World all over the place and Jimmy Olsen being central, and the Source Wall and Darkseid
Here is our bet: Final Crisis will be concerned, to a greater or lesser extent, with the end of the Fourth World and the start of the Fifth, as detailed in Kirby's original gameplan. The New Gods will die, New Genesis and Apokolips alike, Earth will become the new New Genesis and the Anti-Monitor's Warworld will become the new Apokolips
In other news, several thousand people have died in a series of natural disasters
Which is why we read comics
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