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More Rugby Because I Hate You by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 08-18-2007
Oh f#*king f#*ksocks and f#*king f#*king f#*k, I know we weren't going to win in France but 22-9? f#*k OFF f#*k OFF f#*k OFF
All things considered we probably should not have turned up
And what's worse is Phil Vickery got injured
Apparently he was knocked out. How the f#*k do you knock out Phil Vickery? He's a f#*king slab of meat, 6.2 feet high and 4 feet thick
We realise all this Rugby discourse is bewildering and distressing to a lot of our readership, such as it is
We understand this, and our considered reply is f#*k you, it's World Cup time, get f#*king used to it bitches
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