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Lost by MikeJones on 08-15-2007
Doctor, we've been stuck on this island for a month and out of food for three weeks! I'm starving! Are we going to die on this island? Be honest!
Not if we can help it, Doreen. This is something I shudder to admit but Dorreen, you know some of the flight passangers didn't survive and I... *sigh*... I've been eating bodies.
*Gasp* You don't mean- but, but, you don't mean that I have to- surely there is another source of food!
You know there isn't. Everyone on the island has been searching and all passangers swore they had none. I'm sorry Dorreen, but you have to go to the other end of the island if you want to live. Our only hope is to find another body to eat.
With her very survival at steak, Dorreen mustered up all of her courage and went to the far end of the island in hopes of bringing a corpse back to camp.
Uhh... I can explain...
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