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MONKEY BUSINESS by komix46 on 08-09-2007
AUGUST 6,2001...
Bin Laden determined to strike the USA...
What?He's gonna stripe the USA?That fellers crazy!Don't he know we got plenty of wetbacks to stripe the roads and parkin lots of amurica.Hehhehheh-erk!
Uh,no sir,not stripe...STRIKE.
Strike???What?Is Bin laden some kinda Jimmy Hoffa union feller who thinks he can bend us over?I don't think so.No sir...No siree bob tailed CAT!
Specific information regarding domestic commercial airline flights were cited...
HEY!It's 10 o'clock!That's snack time bucko!PICKLES!!!!Where's my nanner puddin' and capri sun?!
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