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Metaphors Suck And So Do You For Reading This Title by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 07-28-2007
Woah where the f#*k are we is this that f#*king Mystery Room sh#t from the Civil War story or what the f#*k is this sh#t
Dude I think we got lost and we're stuck in the back of T. Emery Lolsworth's brain
Oh f#*king awesome I guess this explains why we've been intermittent lately
Well if we can just force our way back to where we were before maybe we can get back to owning the Internet like we used to
How the f#*k can we do that we can't even f#*king move
Dude technically we're off-camera, we can do whatever the f#*k we like. I'm eating a huge 99 Flake ice cream right the f#*k now
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