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Doctor Doctor by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 07-16-2007
Who remembers all that f#*king bullsh#t #&@! sh#t about the MMR vaccine?
The MMR, of course, stands for Measles, Mumps and Rubella, and it's a combined innocliation for all three childhood diseases. All well and good
Yeah well it's been "controversial" for the past ten years or so because some absolute f#*kwit called Dr. Andrew Wakefield published a paper in the Lancet saying "Hay guize the MMR totally causes autism and Crohn's disease man, seriously it does"
And despite the fact that he COMPLETELY PULLED THIS sh#t OUT OF HIS ARSE it lead parents up and down the country to decide not to protect their children from potentially fatal diseases. What the f#*k, Wakefield? What the f#*k do you get out of lying about a vaccine anyway, you f#*king #&@!? Do you just hate children or what?
Anyway it turns out that he "recruited his patients for the study" by wandering around his son's birthday party OFFERING THE KIDS MONEY IN EXCHANGE FOR BLOOD SAMPLES
That's not an exaggeration or anything, that's what he did. "Wow, I'm glad we took this f#*ker's advice about our children's wellbeing, aren't you dear?" The MMR is perfectly safe, by the way, get it for your kids
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