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ON THE NEWSFRONT by Viz on 07-15-2007
Proving once again that she never takes a back seat to anyone, Mother Nature pitched a fit and poured 100 inches of rain down on the heads of millions of already soaked Bangladeshis today. Let's go to Trish Kennedy on the scene.
They love their water, those Bangladeshis.
Ed, I knew you were sending me here to die--rat bastard!--So I slept with your co-anchor before I left. Whups! It's so windy (*hic*) I almost spilled my drinkie.
Maybe I do have a shot.
While our crew works to get Trish back on-line, folks, our sponsors would like to remind you that this storm is not in any way a result of "global warming" or any other alleged effect of human activity.
Wow! Have you ever seen anyone so insane and so lacking in credibility? Um,... Ed?
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