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How Does It Feel To Be The Mother Of A Thousand Dead? by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 06-17-2007
So it's twenty five years after the Falklands now, and I'm kind of torn on the whole thing
With the proviso of course that it was all wrapped up more than a year before your author was born
Naturally. But anyway, on one hand, sovreign British territory WAS invaded by a hostile power. It's all very well saying it's just a tiny speck of a bunch of islands with nothing but mud, sheep, penguins and inbred Spanish-speaking yokels, but it was important to the people living there
On the other hand, a thousand people died over said sheep, penguins and yokels, and you can't help thinking that, as the great man said, There Should Have Been Another Way.
We are forced to conclude that there were probably plenty but Margaret Thatcher wasn't interested in them because it wouldn't have earned her instantaneous cred like a good old war would have
So in conclusion, f#*k Thatcher and everything she ever did, even stuff that we might even grudgingly have to admit were good things, like...um, TV-am maybe. And, well, we can't think of anything else. And we're not sure TV-am counts anyway.
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