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What I deal with on a daily basis on myspace. by farmercomix on 06-16-2007
A gracious hello from the man with the plan who is a fan of Afganistan, Mr. Kyle Bernotus. I am going to kidnap you and keep you in my shed with Dustin McCoy
i think you and elke should have a seance to raise nana from the dead for halloween haha.
if you don't answer my questions the ghost of nana is going to haunt you for the remainder of your life. does your brother still molest you at night? haha just kidding....kind of. anyways your a crazy guy farmer, write me back.
i want you to know robert, i plan on ressurecting nana, and dancing with her naked. i am a horny housewife.
you and scott are going to rough in up in a dark alley and then anally probe me. farmer i demand free pizza posthaste.
robert i have a second question for you, have you ever spilled your seed while sinfully lusting after elkie? have you ever seen a grown man naked? what are you doing farmer, where are you working, are you going to go to school? latoya jackson.
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