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I Don't Need More Ammunition by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 06-15-2007
So the Palestinians are fighting each other now? What the f#*k is it this time, another f#*king Sunni/Shi'ite bollocks?
Nah, both sides are Sunnis.
Then what the f#*k is the f#*king DEAL? Running around blowing the sh#t out of each other, don't they have Israel to do that for them? Isn't that part of the whole clusterf#*k?
Well, one side, Fatah, wants to work with Israel and come to some kind of reasonable and mutually beneficial agreement with them
And Hamas wants to exterminate the Jews and piss on their corpses. I get it now. Jesus Christ people are f#*king retarded sometimes
There is one silver lining. With any luck the conflict will just keep dividing like this, until it's just two people punching each other and it ends in a draw
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