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Border Patrol Continued by happycampers on 06-15-2007
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So... isn't this country about equal opportunityfor all? Let me in! Now!
Hey, Lady, you seem like a nice chick, but we can barely afford the 300 Million moochers and loafers we have already, demanding this right and that entitlement.
But, but - what about me!?! I want what's coming to me! Health care and potable water and education and food stamps. You know, the American Dream: a free ride!
Here's an idea -- why don't you turn around, oust some of the corrupt scumbags in your own country and use the billions we send in foreign aid to improve your economy rather than upgrade the Presidential Palace? Seriously, don't make me shoot you.
Conservative, imperialist, oppressive American swine! At least let me sue a hospital or illegal employer!
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