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Comics by anna1989 on 06-14-2007
A date on an exotic island...
Have you ever thought about what separates us humans from animals? Why have we always held ourselves above them?
Well, we have various abilities they do not, such as deep thought, our creative imaginations, stuff like that. This weather sure is nice, though, hmm?
A business meeting in a bustling city...
Have you ever thought about conspiracy theories? You know like, all those cheesy movies where it was actually the ants ruling the world the whole time...
I... I don't really know. Why don't we take a look at this report? We really need to close this deal by Friday.
A movie set filming the latest blockbuster...
Marcy, haven't you ever thought about if there's more to life than these movies? How about we take a year or two off, maybe take some college courses, travel the world?
What?! Are you kidding me? I still have three pages of lines to memorize, not to mention a pedicure schedulled for later on. Don't you remember the strings I had to pull to get us these roles? Now, shh, help me learn this!
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