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Abe's little helpers 2 by that1crazygirl on 06-07-2007
While Lincoln was pondering his dicision, a little dog creature appeared.
Another one?!?
Oh dear, I see the rabbit has already been here. I'm here to give you real advice. I am a southern dog. If you want the most votes, don't abolish slavery. It's as simple as that.
But... The bunny man said to follow my heart and be myself.
First of all, the bunny is nothing but roadkill waiting to happen. Completely disregard anything he said. Only pansies follow their heart and I recomend not being yourself, because judging by the brief time I have known you, you seem to be even more dense than the bunny man.
The states that currently support slavery are not bad states at all, and can continue to practice slavery if they so wish.
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