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f#*k Six Meat Buffet Up The Ass With Red Hot Pokers For Hours And Hours On End by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 06-07-2007
So we mentioned the death of Steve Gilliard
Well, in light of the tribute paid to him by Smantix of sixmeatbuffet.com,we have this to say
Go f#*k a lawnmower, you racist piece of sh#t.
Steve Gilliard was twenty seven times the man you were, and THAT IS NOT A CUE FOR ONE OF YOUR OH-SO-CLASSY f#*kING FAT JOKES, YOU DISGUSTING WORTHLESS #&@!
When I think of the perfectly good carbon that got wasted on creating a racist, hateful, despicable scumbag like yourself I weep. And I'm a drawing.
You really, really need to have the sh#t beaten out of you, #&@!rag. You're absolute scum. I'm not even being funny. No exaggerating for comic effect. You're a #&@!, and I hate you, and I hope you get eaten by a Siberian Tiger.
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