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Lawl VT by C0llecter0fS0uls on 06-02-2007
Buying a brand new computer: $400
Lawls. OmG NeW cOmP to PwN SuM N00BZ!!!111!!
Buying Counterstrike for your brand new competer: $25
LaWlS nEw gaMe to pWnXorZ N00bz in. Im GonNa sHow thEM AzN KIdz thAt a WhIte mAn cAN usE a Comp for mORe thAN pr0n.
I prefer the videos, instead of the games >_>
Finnaly beating that Asian kid leading him to become angry and insane ending up in him shooting a bunch of students in his college:Priceless
Wallo? You see waah you mack me du. Me kill silly Amereekan kids cuz of yo wall hacks. You cheet. YOU CHEEEEET. You CHEET NOW.
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