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Lady Reporter vs. Guybrarian, Part VI by cyantis on 05-30-2007
Meanwhile, Guy Brock retreated to his secret headquarters (a.k.a the Economics wing of the Princeton Library...where no one ever sets foot!) in order to assume his superhero alter-ego...Guybrarian! Though it always takes him a while to cross the moat, as he can't swim and is allergic to most river algae.
Honestly! I know the Austro-Hungarian empire was once a viable threat, but was a reptile filled moat really necessary to protect these dusty old Economics papers?
All-the-while, Dewey fielded many questions about the stolen archives.
So,what exactly are the Humanities, Ms. Decimal? And why are they important in this day and age where one can find anything they need on the internet?
The Humanities, Chet, are the essence of human experience. They are the annals of our existence; they expression of raw emotion. Without them, we no longer know our past!
Wha??? Eh, I'll just look it up on Wikipedia.
If only Guy, or for that matter Guybrarian, were here to field these questions!
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