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Comic Strip Meltdown (1) by farmercomix on 05-29-2007
Who the f#*k are you? It says that you are, 'Biz Guy Fat.' Yeah they really nailed the f#*king coffin on that one
Who are you to talk you f#*king commie bastard they gave you the name 'Biz Guy With Drink.' What you think that drinks makes you more important?
Look at the way they have your guy, you f#*king self centered c#ck, with your hands all out expecting a handshake and sh#t. Nobody wants to shake your f#*king hand, you fat f#*k!
What about you, f#*kFACE! At least my hands are out, your f#*king hand is in your pocket jerking off and how about taking a damn sip of your f#*king drink, you aren't impressing nobody you lousy bastard.
Well I am the default character in every comic, which means people see me first, not your ugly ass. So why don't you take your 'Biz Guy With Drink,' wannabe character and get the hell out of my comic strip, before I put my thirteen sized shoe up your ass.
The f#*k does that prove? You greasy-haired c#ck-knocker. That only proves that people get tired of looking at your ugly mug of a face. Do me a favor and wash your ass because you f#*king stink!
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