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When the heart is too big by ADModfather on 05-23-2007
So it says here in the back of the weekly that you can pay some chick $300 an hour to have her humiliate you in myriad ways.
$300 an hour is kind of a lot.
Well, to some it might be. But for others, they're probably making mad bank if they do this on the regular.
But those chicks are pricing out low-income people who might also want to be humiliated and taken down a few notches!
Uh...I really don't think so. If anything, those people probably want someone to boost their ego, let them know that they can achieve their dreams if--
I could start a nonprofit that helps poor people have access to dominatrices that they couldn't normally afford! I'll call it--I don't know--"Sub-sidies." What do you think?
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