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Farmercomix (STILL) sucks by farmercomix on 05-22-2007
wtfsonic, after being mentioned by Farmercomix himself in a comic, and commented on one of his own, is reading a recent comic by Farmercomix titled 'The Last of Farmercomix' and is at a lost for words...
This is stupid no computer goes beep beep anymore where the hell does he get these ideas from?
Our hero wtfsonic meets up with Trevor. Where he informs Trevor of Farmercomix other sucky comic
Holy hell he has more sucky comics?! Damn I didn't think anybody was possible of producing so much suckiness
Dude you haven't seen check out his comic titled 'The Last of Farmercomix.' You haven't experienced sh#tty taste until you read it. Now I am going to flush my eyes out for fifteen, twenty minutes. I'll be back
Trevor glances over the comic that Farmercomix produced and is so disgusted with it that he turns into a chick with a sh#tty job.
DAMN! This is horrible. Steve should make a sh#tty comics filter. So the ones that suck as much as these won't even get posted. Look at that this comic got five stars what an #ssh#le voted for himself
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