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Iron Chef America takes a turn for the worse by jiveturkey_comics on 05-20-2007
First Day of Iron Chef America tryouts. Mustache Mike a former chef at a Seafood Shanty franchise is the first to "wow" the judges.
May my cusine reign supreme...I present to you.... Lobster!
mmm, daddy like
Day 27, the competition isn't looking quite as strong, but Mrs. Cho is optimistic her secret ingredient is enough to get her to a TV taping
My secret ingredient is...SPAM!
Watch out Bobby Flay
Day 52, the last day has revealed a surpirse particpant. Monica from McDonalds arrived just before the deadline. Lets see what she prepared for the judges.
My McMilkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
I love me some of that hot angus. Winner!!!
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