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Wikipedia Genuinely Couldn't Give A f#*k For Its Own Readers Anymore by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 05-20-2007
So okay we don't usually seriously bother with Internet Drama but this is the stupidest idea ever and it must be stopped at all costs
Wikipedia is thinking of scrapping spoiler warnings purely on the basis that "THE ENCYLOPEDIA BRITANNICA DOESN'T USE THEM AND IT MAKES US LESS OF AN ENCYCLOPEDIA AND BLAAAAGUGHAL"
As though simple consideration for your readers is somehow contrary to the function of an encyclopedia
If this goes through then it will prove that Wikipedia has ceased to be a resource created for its users in favour of become a circlejerk for the editors. I know, everyone was saying it was that already, but we honestly didn't see it until this bullsh#t crops up
Removing spoiler warnings? What the f#*k kind of dickf#*ks are you people? PEOPLE SOMETIMES WANT TO READ INFORMATION ON THINGS BEFORE THEY ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE THEM, YOU f#*kING #&@!S.
If you remove spoiler warnings you're showing such basic contempt for your own users that you might as well replace the warnings template with one that just says, "f#*k ALLA Y'ALLS"
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