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Floyd and Mike's Cup Final Halftime Report by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 05-19-2007
*weeps gently*
I'm looking at the pattern on the f#*king ceiling, and the f#*king ceiling is more f#*king interesting than this f#*king game. THIS IS THE f#*kING FA CUP FINAL YOU f#*kING #&@!S, IT SHOULD BE SOMEWHAT MORE INTERESTING THAN f#*kING SWIRLED PLASTER
How about playing some f#*king FOOTBALL in the second half for a change, you f#*kS? What, do you think this is a reserves team match? THIS IS THE CUP FINAL, ASSHATS.
Every team in the FA has participated in a tournament that lasts for nine f#*king months, and you choose to have it al lead to this? This final is actually kind of an insult to Accrington Stanley, guys
In conclusion, I f#*king hate the lot of you and I hope you all die. Try actually attempting to score goals in the next forty-five minutes. Maybe at least pretend that you give a f#*k for the paying customers.
Oh, also, since the cup's moving to ITV, this might be Motson's last final, so this is basically an enormous f#*k YOU to him as well. You couldn't have waited a year and inflicted this sh#t on Clive Tyldsley?
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