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Battles of the Robotic Romans by Malacia on 05-10-2007
Sara and Larry are researchers from Hong Kong. They are in Rome investigating the old Roman Coloseum. But, what they have stumbled upon is information of the Punic War.
The First Punic War began in 264 B.C. Larry!
Duh! Sara, the Romans had no type of defense system. But, in the end they ended up making the citizens of Carthage give up Sicily.
Larry, you wouldn’t believe what else happened!
What Sara? You've got my attention.
Sara has discovered that there was not just one Punic War, but there was a Second and Third War.
There was a Second Punic War which began in 218 B.C. Hannibal the greatest General of Spain gave teh Roman armies a run for their money. He was no match for them.
Yeah Sara, I already know! He met his match in Africa. The name was Scipio, he was the Roman general. In 202 B.C. at the battle of Zama; brillant Scipio defeated Hannibal and his army. This way he ensured the supremacy of Greco-Roman civilization. There was a Third Punic War, but we will talk about that later.
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