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Whatever... by Artisan on 05-09-2007
My name is Mie Pu. I brought you munchies for our blind date.
Howdy m'am. I am Wild Willy from Bejing! This is my first date since i have been acting in a spaghetti western film here in Bejing. Don't ask, just know i carry a six shooter!! It's loaded and quite randy - YEE HAWWW!!... um, it shoots blanks though...
I don't work at McDonalds, this just me fashion style. Hope you like. Please, try a McFishEye
Then why the name tag Mie Pu, if that is your real name, you young whipper snapper. HA! got you! You do work at McDonalds. And you knew I was a Taco Bell kind of a guy. I oughta hog tie you, and ... and.... i'm lonely.... do you have a pocahontas outfit by chance?.... i can line dance you know... don't go.... i ... i...
Mee Soh!! The chick I am dating from the film set, who likes to have ramen noodle soup licked off her body. What in tarnations are you doing here?! That lady was just a new delivery service McDonalds has. She messed up the order though. Really, it's not what you think.
I knew I should have not taken this job as an extra in this American movie here in Bejing. Much less gone out with a yankee like you. I need a whiskey and red bulll now. Goodbye and you slurp my noodles too loud.
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