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The Fourth Wall by nate_melcher on 04-05-2007
You know, I resent being the default image.
Ah, so you've decided to break the fourth wall.
The fourth wall?
In any stage production, be it a play, film, or even comic strip, there are three implied "walls" to the characters' world, with a fourth "wall" the audience peers through. By acknowledging the production process, you are acknowledging the audience and thus, the fourth wall. It's a simple presentation tactic used usually for satire or comedy. For example, Monty Python did it all the time. On the other hand, some critics propound that William Shakespeare's audience asides were the first popular use of the fourth wall in popular entertainment. As for our situation, consider how not only has this panel expanded beyond regular size parameters, but the background image has fully repeated itself. By this, your first line of dialogue, and my little speech, this comic is breaking the fourth wall to the max, yo.
It's to think real bigly.
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