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Safety by dmcmullin on 04-02-2007
Because you're the designer of our company's safety brochure I have to insure that your work environment is safe. Hey, that desk drawer sure doesn't look safe! I'll have to fill out a form USK-116.7495A to make sure it gets reported to the proper government authority.
This will teach me to take every design assignment that comes along!
I don't seem to have that form so I'll fill out a USK-116-4729 to remind me that I have to fill out the USK-116-7495A form.
If he's tryin' to impress me, it's not workin'
i've got YEARS of safety experience. . . I can SMELL workplace safety violations! Hey, these cookies look pretty unsafe, I'll have to take those and dispose of them safely. . . I've got a form here somewhere for cookie disposal. . .
I wonder what form he's going to use when I show him my .44 magnum in the bottom left desk drawer??
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