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London is Dead by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 03-22-2007
Advice for those of you hoping to go to London at some point
Please do not unless you own a flak jacket or are incredibly resistant to being stabbed in the throat and/or chest
You might just get away with it if you're white but to be honest it's still probably not worth the risk
If you're black, just stay the f#*k away
Having said that, it's interesting that the Daily Mirror's Uplifting Sunshine Anti-Racism Routemaster Bus Roadshow Of Love doesn't actually go to London
In fact it doesn't even go south of the Thames, the furthest south it goes is Dagenham for f#*k's sake. Londoners are racist too! And the furthest west they go is Birmingham! Plenty of bigots in Gloucester you know!
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