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Only T. Emery Lolsworth Cares About This by T_Emery_Lolsworth on 03-19-2007
So here in Britain there's been this thing with loads of c#ck-ups and rip-offs involving premium rate phone competitions on the telly, all coming out at once
Whoever makes Richard and Judy for Channel 4 revealed that they'd encouraged people to keep calling in even after the line had closed, ITV ended up closing their entire system and axing the channel which carried nothing but Coins U Waste type programming, which was a blessed relief
Oh, and there was this thing where Blue Peter f#*ked a competition by breaking the switchboard so no-one could enter, and covered it up rather than admitting it and apologising, which was stupid
As soon as that last one broke, ITV, Channel 4 and all other commercial broadcasters breathed a sigh of relief. Now the BBC have a "scandal", no-one will care about anyone else anymore.
It's all about how "the corporation needs to rebuild the public trust" and sh#t, as if there were never any phone-in scandals prior to the Blue Peter one, and what's more the Blue Peter one was the worst thing anyone has ever done. ITV had to scrap an entire channel, but we don't pay for them directly so you know who cares man
It's the other price of having a public broadcaster - all the retards who think it's a f#*king outrage that they have to pay 37p per day for a company that creates television, radio, cinema and the Internet to entertain, inform and educate them, will use any excuse to tear it a new arsehole. Because they're #&@!s.
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