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Silicone Samurais by Artisan on 03-08-2007
Somewhere by the Hidden Bagoda of .... Chinatown
Cell-Fon San! We meet again. But it will be our last meeting I warn you.
Firm-Hand-Shake San, it is you. Alas, I have dreamed of this day. - Uhh, um Bill, yeah, can I call you back? It's kinda important...... What? No, 25 shared of Hitachi. Right, K, gotta go. (beep)
Put the phone down you coward and prepare to meet your maker.
(electronic tones of the song "Funky Town") Sheeeet, I gotta take this. Damn. My humble apologies. (beep) y'elllo, what now? What? Are you kidding me; jeezus. Try executing a shell command on the f-mode. If that doesn't work, the hard drive is probably fragged. Danm. Did you spill any Starbucks on the main terminal? Cause ..... (some tech jargon that does not make sense to normal human ears...).
Excuse me Cell-Fon San, but are we still on?????.... I got this meeting on viral marketing with --
What??!!!! Nohhhhhh, you iimbecile. C++ not C+. That's a huge difference. Huuuuuge. Ok, well, it better not be... etc. etc. (one more "huuuge" 5 more "duuude" and 3 more "I'll email you the blah blah blahs")
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