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McWhatever... by Artisan on 03-08-2007
McDougals - Over 3.14 Trillion Served
I hate working at McDougals. All those jokes about McWaitress, McStraw please, McMen's room over there?, my McFriend is paying for it, no McTip for you. Can you believe someone just ordered a McLobster at this fast food hamburger joint.
I got an idea
McDougal's Dining Area (new waitress policy)
(this is gonna be hilarious) Who ordered the McLobster?!
Eesa real heavy, but eesa moy fresh. You like?
McDougal's Manager is Pissed
Julio where did you get that lobster??? Let alone that fake mustache and chef's hat? Stick to flipping burgers or you'll be fired.
Julio, you're the best illegal alien I ever knew though not that well. McCall me tonite for a McTongue action.
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