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A atom'sss journey by rhyme2musicdj on 02-27-2007
The dark reaction takes place in the stroma within the chloroplast, and converts CO2 to sugar. This reaction doesn't directly need light in order to occur. But it does need ATP and NADPH. CO2 and energy from ATP are used to form sugar.
So what is the role of cellular respiration?
Well cellular respiration happens both in the plant and plants. During celllar respiration sugar is burned down to CO2 and H2O, releasing energy known as ATP. Why do cells need ATP?Well, ALL our movements require energy and ATP provides it.
What is the defination of ATP?
ATP is a compound that has 3 phosphate groups and is used by cells to store energy.
I see. So we all need ATP, either a plant, animal or human. So how does this sugar get inside our body?
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