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Farmer Comix Attempt number 2 by farmercomix on 02-13-2007
It's not only that you aren't funny but the only comment you got was from Drunken_Joe, from a comic you supposedly made about him, telling you and I quote: "I am the creator of the Drunken_Joe Comics I--" Mr. Farmer what did I tell you about trying to copy other comics
First of all, I didn't make it ABOUT him, I made it as a tribute to him, he had a damn chef make him a lobster dinner. I mean how would you feel if a chef made a lobster dinner on your own comic strip? Hell it took all my strength to not say that I was Drunken_Joe but I knew I would hear about it. And that thing you said about copying other comics, huh?
Well these other guys are on a much higher level of comedy than you so if you want to come back that is fine. Don't get in the other comics way, just stay out of their way unless they start something with and even then don't get involved. Believe me I'd know Ihave seen these guys tear into other people like nothing else... HOWEVER you must fill out the rest of this joke to make it funny. Okay here we go: "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
f#*king hopeless
Um... To get away from the Koreans?
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