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NO Promo by GangstaT1208 on 01-26-2007
Tim trying to talk his boss into a promotion!
Im sorry icant do that This is our big chance to show the our head president what we are doing so we can go bigger! anyway your resume isnt good enough for reporter its just good enough for a camara man! So get to work or your fired!!
Look Boss I been working here for 9 years you should please promote me to the reporter then the same little camaraman! i deserve i been recording for so long i will be so right for please just one chance!
The new reporter in Paris screwing up things!
You idot!!!!!!!!!
well today you see that im in ummm..... in England........ yea...... England! Im right by the........ uhh...... the....... uhh..... some sort of pyramid looking thing here on my left! This Is A beautiful city and everything and stuff! Are we off the air!
The boss breaking the tragic news to Tim that the company is shutting down!
Im so sorrry because of that incident the company is getting shut down i know u would have did way better im so sorr i wonder how im going to break this company! h well thats it umm goodbye!
Yea i told you! im glad you fired and i got a another i was quitting anyway hahah you dumb whore hahaha yes dats what happens when you dont play fair!
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