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The Price of Emu Oil by videomonkey on 12-15-2006
Verily I say unto you. Your statements are falicious and they hold no salt... you have neither the fortitude nor the introspection to cast such idiums..
I beg to differ.. I defer to the old adium that 2+3=5 and 3+2=5 but that doesn't mean 1+4 don't either.. it's all in the left field. Don't just think outside the box, be out side it for once..
such complete cous cous...you put the bit on the wrong end of the horse... you've made assumptions your elbows can't cash.. get your knees to the carpet and pucker if you want to continue on that one way dead end street.
I can see you know a hawk from a hand basket, but you also need to feel the hawk and put eggs in the basket...
all supositions...I need facts and raw hard concrete truths... again I say, put up or wash up and get the check in the mail... do you at last finally see?!?! Do you?
well yes.. but what does this have to do with the price of emu oil?
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