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Where Are All the Good Cartoonists? by Mike_Lynch on 12-13-2006
So, I'm asking the WittyComics.com about themselves. This is "Biz Fat Guy." How are you today, BFG?
I just can't help but wonder that if I had a REAL name and was drawn by a living, breathing professional cartoonist that then, maybe, I'd be more of a star in the comics world instead of a pixelated graphic created by some temp, which is what I am. *SOB!*
So, if you were drawn by Alex Raymond or Milt Caniff, you'd get more respect, is that it?
Yeah, you know it. I mean, right now, I don't even have a name. Even you -- you're only called "female interviewer." But what if your name was, for instance, "Latisha," and I was, let's say, "Joshua," and we could fall in love and have these wonderful adventures and it would be so fulfilling, y'know?
Um, I'm like twenty, you know. What are you? Like fifty? You're older than my pops, BFG. Get a grip, OK? Or I'm gonna hurt you.
See? that's what I mean. If we had a good cartoonist writing this, you'd have to fall in love with my wizened, man-of-the-world sorta charm. But with my zero ability to change expression and physicality in each panel, it leaves you,as well as the reader, cold. We need a better cartoonist, Latisha!
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