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FORE!!! by komix46 on 11-24-2006
Hey! Jane..How'd you like to make 15 dollars the hard way? HOO-WHEE!!!!
Well...I don't rightly know...what do I have to do? It don't involve your tallywhacker does it?
HOO-WHEE!!! Aw heck no Jane, i would'nt pay 5 dollars for what you kin do to my tallywhacker...SHEE-IT! See that injun over there with the curvy stick and the "fancy go to washington to prove we's is humans" clothes on?
Yessir Clem I see him...but he don't look injun to me...What do you want me to do?
Mosey on over there all "Mata-Hari" like then like a sidewinder, shoot him in the face and shove that curvy stick where the good lord split ya! HOO-WHEE!
That's a plum hard chore, Clem, but OK 15 it is! By the way...Tallywhacker tuggin' just went up to 25 dollars GOLL DANG IT!!! Who the hell is Mata-Hari????
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