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Sandra's dad's election! by Comicgirl on 10-19-2006
Sandra is told to look like her dad, to tell his speech.because he has stage fright!
Sandra, hurry up Zack just called and said he was on Gilgorei` way!
Well I'm trying to find a outfit! dad...and l know its important for you to get me there, and give the speech for you, but its hard looking like a guy!
Sandra telling her dad its gonna be hard talking to the guys in the election
I know your wondering why I told you to dress up like me, but just do it!
I know, dad but your running against cute guys and, I get tounge tied around cute guys!
Sandra finishs the speech, but comes in 4th then puts her clothes then flirts with her fathers opponets
Hi my names Sandra, nice shirt! did you get it at New Founds? and your hair looks great when you brush it......
Hi Sandra, I'm Netler I did get this at New Founds thanks for all the compliments you said! wanna do out some time?
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