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Real Vocab #4 - Remembering a Past Life Moment by LillieZ on 07-13-2018
An interviewer comes to talk with a person who recalls an important moment in their past life as a Knight
So what would you say was the most dramatic memory?
It was definitely when Queen Sharla had named me, a servant, as a Knight in Shining in armor. Time frame was around when kingdoms were becoming preferred form of societal structure.
"It was on a sunny day in front of the castle during my coronation. With a sword with a jewel encrusted handle, she drew it and declared me worthy for title of 'Sir'."
Nicholas II, even though you weren't "compelled" into saving me, I can say here, now, that you are "competent" for me to "commend" you.
I appreciate your kindness, your highness, Queen Sharla.
¨She told me what she had discussed with the other soldiers of her castle, and how they all came to the ¨consensus¨ that I was to be her Knight in Shining Armor.¨
I can tell that you are ¨cohesive¨ and show much ¨cognizant" characteristics.I do believe you would be a liable aspect for one of my bodyguards.
I will gladly do my best to serve you well, dear Queen.
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