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TV Troubles (Revised) by Dare22122 on 06-14-2018
It was a "arid", spring morning, the air outside was dry and hot, as I turned on the television. I had an "animosity" towards this news channel because they always did the same thing ever morning. Weather, inside a celebrity home, and an interview with some rich buisness person......but it was the only thing on at this time
Hello folks and welcome back to the News on channel 451. First off today we will be going over the weather.
As they moved into the celebrity home I was very "apathetic". Watching as they made their way through the "archaic" estate in which this movie star lived.
Well, it's not the best as the architecture of it is quite old, but it will do for now until the island home is ready for me and my family in Hawaii.
The interview didn't surprise me, it was a rich business person in some fancy country drinking champagne that cost enough to pay my rent for 6 months.
Now, Mrs.Bently, many young people "aspire" to be like you. What do you have to say to help others go down the same path you did?
I am very flattered at that statement. Well, as you may know, I was in "awe" when I first entered the business industry as it had to many things to offer. A word of advice I have is try to be "articulate" with your words, speak so everyone can understand you. That's the first step
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