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A Soliloquoy Dedicated to jof by Rexisfed on 09-12-2006
jof, I am going to tell you a few things. First of all, you suck, you are a piece of sh#t, go die, etc. Second of all, you've made like 10 comics and are in no place to criticize mine. What's more is that those ten comics of yours totally suck ass. Now I know it's in 65 year old pedophiles' nature to try to annoy people on the internet, but you've really gotta cut the sh#t here.
If you're going to comment on my comics, at least say something funny instead of "..." or calling me racist/sexist. That's another thing. Racism and sexism are funny. If you do not think so, you are either younger than 10 or older than 40, in which case you suck. Furthermore, you, Len1n, and Xu are obviously the same people. In your comic "Rexisfed" you portrayed me as being aggrivated by all three of you, when at the time I had not ever seen Len1n or Xu on the site. It is painfully obvious and don't deny it. f#*k off and die.
I'm Leroy!
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