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Vocabulary 10 Context by 20mckennajohnson on 12-14-2016
How did your big presentation turn out? I got feedback saying mine was 'mediocre'. I guess it was just average compared to the other presentations.
My presentation went pretty well. I made sure to be very 'meticulous' when I presented so that everyone wound understand each deatail.
Maybe I should have payed more attention to the details in my presentation. What was your presentation about? Mine was about all kinds of different wars. Did you know that a paid soldier fighting for a different country is called a 'mercenary'?
No, I didn't know that! Mine was about evil villians. There was this one villain so well know for his bad needs people said he was 'notorious'. Everyone in the enitre city knows who he is and what he's done.
Wow, he does sound pretty 'notorious'.
Yeah. He wasnt very smart though, whenever the polcie came to arrest him he was 'oblivious'. He never paid attention and always got caught.
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