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Bin Laden meets Jesus by stella on 08-30-2006
Osama meets Jesus
So your Jesus? I guess they wern't kidding celebrating your death with a bunny! Your ALL infidels! JHAD to bunnys everywhere.
Um yeah buddy, Muhammad isn't listed in the bible anywhere
Bin Laden meets with the Pope
Jhad for you and your people.
You know You need to ask God for forgivness and repent. Ever thought of converting your faith to a REAL religion?
Bin Laden meets the devil
I came for my 40 virgins. OMG! WTF?? We look just alike. Where the hell is muhammad.
I BIN tryin' to tell ya laden ol' buddie - we are cut from the same fabric. I LOVE to wage war! Yeah I think you and I will make great butt buddies in Hell I have 40 virgin bugholes on my arse. Now bend over cause daddy's gonna bust a **BEEP* right up yur Then I'm gonna yell Jhad! ...Then like swig wiskey with my succubus and we shall laugh at you. Sucker....40 virgins...yeah, I have like 900 butt holes duuuude! Muhammad..what a bunch of losers..they fell for it. swine. Squeal like a pig for daddy.
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