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Russian News by Rexisfed on 08-21-2006
Fox News ticker now on top of screen!
Welcome back to Fox News! I'm Bill O'Reilly, and you are about to enter a No Spin Zone.
If it's a no spin zone, how come I can drink this drink? It's making me spin.
A man in Denver caught eating a hot dog next
Mister Drunken Joe, spin is the concept of putting a bias opinion into news.
Oh, so now it's news, is it?! What the hell is your problem? All I did was give vodka to a chiuaua.
door to a gay bar. Hilarity has since ensued.
Have you no respect for the newscasters?!
Sir, I think you need to shut the hell up and give me that crack that we agreed on before the show, okay?! A deal's a deal, after all. And with that, America, I give you, me in my usual position. Give it up for Bill O'Reilly, folks! What a great cooperative soil!I think now I am going to go and feed vodka to chiuauas. I think one of these days I am going to say something funny so I can end this comic, but I can't seem to think of anything! How about "buttpipe"? That's funny. Good bye.
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